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Circle Six Studio  |  Circle Six Lab

2019 - 2023

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

2016 - 2019

Story in Shangri-La

As an employee for 3 years in the international enterprise, I have gained valuable experience that sharpens my skill set and project management

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Hutchgo × ESDlife

2015 - 2016

Story in ESDlife

“If you can survive in this company, you can overcome any situation in the future” - former ESDlife Art Director.

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Before 2015

About Rex Kwong

With 8 years solid working experience in interaction design industry, I'm willing to dedicate my time in producing professional, innovative and engaging solutions for clients.
I like the new tech and gamification, and I believe by merging those two things together can release its huge potential and benefit all our traditional industries such as e-Learning, fintech, exercising game, virtual exhibition and more. Just putting some creativities, we can turn a boring and routine work into a wonderful experience, which is the greatest pleasure of a designer.

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